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Used Equipment

Our Background

Since Whitie began selling equipment out of the trunk of his car, Whitie Bensen's has been best known for our used equipment. Since then, our used equipment business has grown exponentially. Hockey can be an expensive game, we hope to make it more accessible to everyone by offering skates at reasonable prices.
We offer store credit on traded hockey and lacrosse equipment, which can be applied towards any in-store purchases or put on a gift card for use at your next visit!

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Hockey Skates

Our used skates can run from size 6 youth the size 13 senior. All skates are repaired, sharpened and disinfected before being put on our shelf. Trade-in can be made on any skate that does not have a torn tendon guard, ripped eyelet, separated toe box or any other defect that effectively renders the skate unusable.

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Ice Hockey Match

Hockey Protective Equipment

We accept trade-in on hockey shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, shin pads and gloves; provided there are no major tears and all pieces are intact. Hockey helmets, sticks, and garments are not taken for trade-in. All equipment sold is washed thoroughly before being put up for resale.

Hockey Goalie Equipment

Playing goalie can have a high barrier to entry when it comes to equipment. We offer a variety of pre-owned options to bring that barrier down. We sell used goalie arm & chest protectors, catch gloves, blockers, leg pads and goalie skates. Trade in is accepted on all of those items; provided they meet current equipment regulations and are in reasonable condition or can be repaired.

Hockey Goalie
Lacrosse Equipment
Lacrosse Game
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Lacrosse Helmets

We offer new and used Cascade brand lacrosse helmets. Accepted on trade-in are helmets that have the Cascade ratchet system located on the back of the helmet, above the neck.

Lacrosse Protective & Sticks

We offer used lacrosse shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and sticks. Accepted on trade-in are any items that are still in working condition. Gloves must have no holes in palms. Shoulder pads MUST have bicep pads to be accepted. Lacrosse shafts must have no dents or cracks to be accepted for trade-in credit.

Women's lacrosse

Women's lacrosse sticks, goggles, helmets, and gloves are offered. Trade-ins are accepted only on used women's lacrosse sticks.

Look what made its way into the shop las

Contact Us

Questions about used equipment or our trade-in policy? Fill out this form and a memeber of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible! Or reach out to us at or 203-932-0035.

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